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Why is everyone talking about the color blue? Well, for starters, it’s everywhere. In nature, you see the blue sky and the ocean. Our planet Earth is the “blue planet”. We see the color blue in uniforms people wear, in the typical blue jeans that we all love, and in the swimming pools that we swim in! So, do we love things that are blue because are familiar? Perhaps.

Apart from the “pink for girls, blue for boys,” theme, blue is a color that has been associated with many aspects of life, from art to religion. Artists have used it to depict holy figures. In religion and culture, the color blue has had people believing in its spiritual powers. From Ancient Egypt and Rome to India and Tibet, people have had great respect for things that are blue. It has come to be known as a color that inspires truth, calm and peace.


Let’s make something clear to start with – “bike” has a varied meaning, depending on where you are or who you are talking to. It is a colloquial word that is used for motorcycles and bicycles. This isn’t surprising because the motorcylcle was invented by putting a motor on a bicycle. That aside, when a buyer of a bike is making his choice, the first thing he or she decides on is the color. After that, it may be the model, or the price.

The color of the bike a personal quality that a biker decides on. Some brands are available in only particular colors, such as Kawasaki bikes. The most common colors are metallic red, silver and orange. Yes, there is a lot of stereotypical black thrown in. While not a widespread color if you like things that are blue, blue bikes are available and are just coming in to their own.

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For people who are into blue, be rest assured, any bike looks fabulous. The color blue is evocative of many traits and emotions, such as truth, faithfulness, loyalty, calmness and peace. Besides this, there is a shade of blue in bikes to suit every whim and fancy, from deep royal blue, to a serene sky blue. Turquoise is another great blue that looks good on a bike. Yamaha has built a custom version in a dark rich navy color if you like blue things. Biking trends in Japan favor blue. Here are some of the popular blue bikes, bicycles included,  you may like to know about.

Yamaha Custom Bike

The Yamaha company that is as famous for its musical instruments, is as phenomenal for its huge range of versatile motorcycles. The company has a program in which it works with individual custom builders to manufacture custom-built vehicles to meet client demands. Conceptually, this is great, because clients get the bikes that they want. Plus, they are assured of quality standards that a tried and tested brand has to offer. One of the more recent entries in this line is a custom-built beauty from the German garage of JvB-moto, owned by Jens von Brauk. He is known for designs that stress on minimalism without doing any damage to the bike’s original structure.

The new Yamaha Yard Built XSR900 model is a retro thing that is blue. It has been influenced by the concept vehicles of the 70s and 80s. This bike is as blue as any bike can get. The tank, seat, tail and the wheel covers of carbon fiber, are all a rich blue. The paint work on the front fender is matte and very like a midnight blue. Behringers front brake discs and a Termigioni exhaust have been added. The uniqueness of this bike is that the buyer can choose to install pieces of the bike himself or herself. It comes as a kit or as a fully made up bike, depending on how much or how little the new owner wants to build himself.

In 2018, Yamaha introduced a blue bike, with the tag line “Call of the Blue”. This was launched mainly in India with a view to market a sports bike. Two versions were created – the YZF R15 3.0 155 CC and the YFZS F1 149 CC. These are of great appeal as they promote the spirit of racing and the thrill of faster biking.


In 2017, Kawasaki, known for its typical green accented bikes, came out with a nice surprise – the Kawasaki Candy Blue Plasma Ninja. The Kawasaki Ninja was, and still is, this Japanese company’s stellar seller, always innovating features with each year. It boasts 296 CC fuel capacity and is fast, with the additional advantage of light weight. Shifting gears and on-road manipulation is smooth and easy. Don’t let its lightweight quality fool you, this thing that is blue, is a hardy and tough road master. The candy bright cobalt blue is a feast for the eyes too.


The 2018 Harley-Davidson Blue Edition is the only blue bike you will ever want. Who doesn’t crave for a Harley? It is an iconic brand that stands for all the qualities that the color blue inspires – truth, steadiness, loyalty and sincerity. You may not see a Harley on a racing circuit, but it is the bike to own for any classic biker.

Typically, designed in a chopper style that was very characteristic of the 1050s, a Harley has steering handles that look radical. Forks are lengthy. This is the bike you want to take for a pleasure ride, not a race. Unique to a Harley is the brilliant rumble of its engine, music to the ears of a biker. For Bucherer’s 130th anniversary, a custom-built blue bike was built by Swiss jeweler Carl Bucherer. It is a royal blue color, and is among the most expensive things that are blue on Earth. Studded with diamonds, the masterpiece is valued at 1,888 million Swiss Francs.

With the expertise of customizing experts at Bundnerbike, the world’s most dear one-of-a-kind bike was created in early 2020. The frame is the 2017 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim frame. Everything is hand-stitched on the seat. Illuminated from the inside, the motor has many gold-plated parts that shine. The handlebar grips have been embellished in detail with precious diamonds and rings. The pièce de résistance of the bike is a 5.4-carat diamond solitaire ring embedded on the tank.

Royal Enflield

The most well known blue bike in the Royal Enfield artillery is the Classic 500 Squadron Blue. The bike is beloved to lovers of blue things and pays homage to the Indian armed forces. Significantly, blue was chosen as the Indian Air Force started using these bikes in the 1950s. The inspiration for the enigmatic design is from the post-war era.

The Classic has a somber blue color, like that of the sea, with accents like headlight casing in die-cast. Vintage graphics are displayed on the fuel tanks. Comfortable in all terrains, there is a single saddle seat. The bike has a high torque and an RPM that is low so that there is pulling power to the max. Effortless uphill riding and unmatched stability with 18-inch wheels give the rider great control. The Royal Enfield biking company is known for its dependable and timeless machines.


Triumph is a British motorcycle company that has built its legacy on trust and durability. In 1907, Jack Marshall won the Isle of Man TT on a Triumph, and since then, the brand hasn’t looked back. Triumph’s desire for innovation and creation has shaped its legendary motorcycle evolution. Triumph also makes the Trekker range of bicycles, available in timeless blue hues.

Earlier in 2020, Triumph created the rarest motorcycle, and one that was sold out by bookings even before pieces were on show. This was the limited edition Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition in black with a seat of the darkest blue. The classic Scrambler is available in blue if you like things that are blue. A new buyer can choose custom options, but it will cost you plenty. You get your money‘s worth.

The key feature of the Triumph Scrambler is the Bonneville 1200 CC “Scrambler Tune” engine. This powerful unit has a high torque from the get go. The rider will hear a richer sound and feel the engine’s adrenaline in his or her bones. The engine provides liquid cooling for cost and efficiency balance. An amazing British super bike that makes you feel on top of the world.


The Ducati may not have the legendary star quality of a Harley, but it is a bike to contend with for all who love things that are blue. Ducati bikes have a sleek and sophisticated style that is unmistakable. They look svelte like all Italian brands are famous for, but they are tough on the road. Technologically superior to most bike brands, they are typically red and white. Fear not, the bikes are available in the bluest of blue colors too, especially the Ducati Panigale. Ducati makes bicycles, mountain bikes and electric bicycles, all in shiny blue colors.

Blue in bikes

For all the people who like blue things, there’s a bike out there for you. Whether you choose a motorcycle, a scooter or a plain bicycle, there’s always a blue inspiration around. Raleigh, one of the oldest and most reliable bicycle makers in the world makes the best British bikes. Their signature color is any shade of blue.

Written by Johnny McAwley

Johnny is a writer who has been in the industry for more than 7 years. He has written for a number of well-known companies and publishers during the span of his career. He believes he is a happy-go-lucky guy who always makes the most of every opportunity that is presented to him. He believes laugher is the best medicine, and more often than not, if you hear a loud laugh in the room coming straight from the belly, you can bet that’s Johnny. He loves his dog, Flash, an energetic Golden Retriever, and often goes hiking with him on the weekends.

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