The color blue is one of the most loved colors in the world. This primary color can be seen everywhere and has a strong presence in nature. Look around at the beautiful flowers and the chirping birds, so many of which are blue in color. Look at the sky above – it is splashed with this cool shade of blue. Look at the ocean below – you are surrounded by the same.

Across many cultures and religions, blue has always held a significant position and power. It is often associated with wisdom, peace, freedom, tranquillity, and reliability. Often times, blue is also used to represent trust, stability, loyalty, sincerity, and faith.

Even psychology has found that the color blue has a positive effect on the mind and body. It is capable of creating a feeling of calmness and relaxation, making it easier to rest. You have probably seen the walls of many bedrooms painted with a shade of blue. This is done on purpose so that both the mind and body can relax and feel at peace.  

The power of the color blue has religious backings too. In Christianity, blue is often associated with the healing power of God or the word of God. Its Biblical significance is strengthened by the fact that the sky is blue as well. For this reason, it is believed to signify heaven and the power of God.

Maybe you find the color blue to have a significant importance in your life. Perhaps many important events in your life have something to do with this color, or you consider it to be your lucky color. Or maybe it is simply a color that you like because it puts you at ease and is pleasant to look at.

Whatever it may be, SlightlyBlue is the place for you to find out everything you need and more about this color.