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There is hardly any doubt that blue is a beautiful color. This color comes in all shades, from pale to bright. Whether it is a blue iris flower or the bright blue eyes of a person, each shade is attractive. This particular color emanates a very calm feeling to the soul.

Among the things that are blue, there is the beauty of the sky, blue pansy flowers, or emperor butterfly. The majestic blue peacock to the periwinkle flower, each has a calming effect on our soul.

Some other things that are blue and attractive are eyes. Each time you see a face, it is the eyes that attract the most. Blue eyes are not very common but are most desirable. If this desire is combined with a talented artist, then it is everything one might look for.

Blue eyes are very rare

There are numerous people we might cross paths with who are blessed with warm brown eyes. But how many people do we notice who have blue eyes? It might come across to you as a very common asset (since we see so many stars on television). But let me tell you how wrong we have been! They are simply lenses because natural blue eyes are extremely rare.

Blue eyes are found only in a few geographical locations.

Many researches have proved that you can find most of the blue-eyed people in only a few specific locations. If you are in Finland or Estonia, you will find numerous people possessing beautiful ocean-blue irises. In Ireland as well, a large chunk of people have been blessed with naturally sparkling blue eyes.

Some famous personalities with sparkling blue eyes

Jasper Johns

If we list our favorite things that are blue, we will come across the sparkling blue eyes of various artists. There are American painters and sculptors who possess this beauty. Jasper Johns, the renowned famous painter is one such man. This ever-smiling charismatic persona is blessed with natural bright blue eyes. His famous works include abstract expressions.

Jasper Johns depict numerous topics that are based on Europe. You might have heard his name associated with the canvas depiction of Flag? This Neo-Dadaist portrays several contradictions and ironies that exist in the society of America. His works will indulge you with curiosity, and you might end up buying a few of his paintings! (No wonder his works sell out for millions of dollars!). His eyes are worth a special mention because the unrealistic twinkle in them might just melt the hardest of stones.

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Tony Bennett

Did you know that this American jazz singer is also a painter? Anthony Dominick Benedetto has signed his name for numerous famous paintings and art works. These artworks are put to public display in by various eminent institutes. Tony Bennett is his pen name, and this charming personality has a set of beautiful blue irises. It will be a misfortune if we do to list this pair of pupils in our favorite things that are blue.

His pale blue eyes have as much depth as his paintings. If you are an artsy person, you have surely heard about his famous artwork ‘Homage to Hockney’. This painting is one of his best works, and it was put to permanent public display in Ohio. The ‘ARTnews’ magazine has featured many of his artworks. (Did you know that each masterpiece of Bennett sells for almost $80,000? We did not!)

Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew G Gubler is another charming personality who was spotted several times with beautiful blue eyes. Although his blue eyes might not be natural, yet those beautiful blue lenses suit him perfectly. Gubler is a multi-talented persona. You might also know him from Criminal Minds, the famous CBS show.

He is a painter who has established his art in numerous forms. You can find oil paintings, as well as paintings of gouache and even pastel. He owns a gallery in the Czech Republic, where most of his art works are exhibit for public. The most famous painting of Gubler till date is ‘Mushface’, which gave its earnings to an organization in Las Vegas! (Did you know it Gubler sold it for a swooping amount of $10,000?)

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Margaret Keane

This beautiful lady has only a few pictures that depict the true color of her eyes. The beautiful blue shade in her eyes is mesmerizing and has ocean depth. Even the paintings of Margaret Keane depict women or children with big, bright eyes. Her paintings were usually sold in the earlier days under her husband’s name.

Her paintings with wide eyes have been adopted later on by various cartoonists. (your favorite cartoon The Powerpuff Girls have received inspiration from Keane’s paintings). This beautiful blue-eyed lady has a beautiful sparkle in her eyes. She is one of the rare people who have the deep blue variation of pupils. Those set of irises will surely be in our list of magical things that are blue.

David Lynch

Lynch is a multi-talented personality. He is an American painter, who is also known for filmmaking, writing and acting. He is known for his ‘organic paintings’. Lynch is a painter who is blessed with natural blue eyes. His irises have a dark blue color, which is often confused for black. But with a closer look you can clearly see the blue hues.

His paintings have influence of nature, and often has letters incorporated in them. You might be familiar with the show ‘The Air is on Fire’, which featured Lynch’s numerous artworks of Lynch. His drawings, paintings and artworks are even visible in the famous Kayne Griffin Corcoran. The blue tinge in his eyes is a major factor that highlights his beautiful and charismatic personality.

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A few of our last thoughts

Possessing ocean blue eyes is a privilege that is only available to the rarest few. These beautiful ocean deep set of eyes are sparkling, and can grab anyone’s attention. So if you belong to those rare few people, who possess such a beautiful set of pupils, you are lucky!

Written by Johnny McAwley

Johnny is a writer who has been in the industry for more than 7 years. He has written for a number of well-known companies and publishers during the span of his career. He believes he is a happy-go-lucky guy who always makes the most of every opportunity that is presented to him. He believes laugher is the best medicine, and more often than not, if you hear a loud laugh in the room coming straight from the belly, you can bet that’s Johnny. He loves his dog, Flash, an energetic Golden Retriever, and often goes hiking with him on the weekends.

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