Top Five Favorite Blue Pokemon Characters

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While the things that are blue in nature are rare, there are some Pokemon characters, which are incredibly popular around the world. A survey was conducted where over 50,000 Reddit users were asked to select their favorite Pokemon characters, which led to some amazing outcomes.

As the respondents had the option to choose from over eight hundred different Pokémon, every Pokemon character got around sixty-five votes on an average. The survey results showed that the respondents found the original one hundred and fifty-one Pokemon the most popular ones.

Also, 35 percent of the survey respondents chose their favorites from Pokemon red and blue. However, 4 Pokemon did not receive any votes. Even after more than two decades, there is no decrease in the popularity of the Pokemon franchise. After all, many people find them more interesting as compared to going to a theater to watch a hit film.

Although there are over eight hundred distinct Pokemon to keep a tab on, the series has a big fan following in the different parts of the world. If you are in love with things that are blue, here are some of the most favorite blue Pokemon characters based on the survey results.

1. Gengar

It is known as a Ghost and Poison Pokemon that originates from Haunter. Gengar is not quite comfortable with darkness and is also vulnerable to Psychic moves, Ghost, and Ground. At times, you may find your shadow produced by the street lights suddenly trying to overtake you on a dark night. That is a Gengar trying to run past you while pretending as if it is your shadow. It is regarded as a Poison/Ghost kind Pokemon. Some of the most powerful Pokemon who can defy Gengar include Deoxys (attack) and Mewtwo.

2. Lucario

It is a Pokemon present in the Game Freak’s franchise and Nintendo. Ken Sugimori is the creator of this Pokemon character. It first made its appearance as the main character in a movie titled Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. The character also appeared in video games such as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as well as its sequels.

Lucario also appeared in different spin-off titles, printed and animated adaptations, and merchandise of the franchise. The Pokémon character is voiced by Rikako Aikawa, Kiyotaka Furushima, Daisuke Sakaguchi, and Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese. The English voice over is done by Sean Schemmel and Bill Rogers.

A pal of Satoshi Tajiri (who has created the Pokémon games) called Ken Sugimori provided Lucario’s art direction and design. Lucario initially made its appearance in the animation film called Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. The film was released in 2005 in Japan.

3. Absol

Absol is another popular blue Pokémon character according to the survey results. The only unlucky thing about this Pokémon character is the way it looks. It can safeguard fields and even alert folks of natural disasters. So, people have every reason to be grateful to this Pokémon character.

It is a fictional species in the Pokémon franchise, which was first launched in the video games titled Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Having said so, it is an extremely rare Pokémon. In case you are extremely fortunate, you may get this Pokémon in the wild. However, that is very unlikely.

It is considered to be a Dark Pokémon. Absol is vulnerable to bug moves, fighting, and fairy.

You need to remember that whenever this particular Pokémon makes its appearances, there is a natural disaster following it. These natural disasters can be a tidal wave or an earthquake. It is because of this reason this Pokémon is also considered to be a disaster Pokémon.

4. Squirtle

Squirtle is also referred to as Zenigame in the Land of Rising Sun. It is basically a species of Pokémon, which is found in the Pokémon franchise of Game Freak or Nintendo. Atsuko Nishida is the designer of this popular Pokémon. It got a new name (Squirtle) after the series was localized in English. The idea was to give it a descriptive and clever name.

When a Squirtle withdraws its neck into its shells, it can squirt water with incredible force and vigor. Its name is derived from two separate words – while squir- is from the word squirt, -tle has been derived from the word Turtle. Rikako Aikawa voiced the Squirtle in the Japanese versions. In English, the voice-overs are done by Michele Knotz and Eric Stuart.

It is also referred to as the “Tiny Turtle Pokémon”. These are turtle Pokémon featuring chubby cheeks and large eyes. They can move on two feet, as well as on all their four feet. Squirtle has light blue colored skin. They have a long but curled tail.

The Pokémon character appeared for the first time in Pokémon Red and Blue where it was a starter.

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5. Snorlax

It is a Pokémon character, which is referred to as Kabigon. They are considered to be a kind of Pocket Monster in the Pokémon franchise of Game Freak and Nintendo. Ken Sugimori created this Pokémon species. It appeared for the first time in a video game called Game Boy, as well as its later sequels.

Later on, they also made appearances in different spin-off titles, merchandise, printed, and animated adaptation of its franchise. It is a bluish, large creature featuring closed slit eyes. It has a closed mouth featuring a couple of protruding canine teeth in an upward direction.

Snorlax is also referred to as the “Sleeping” Pokémon and has a weight of more than 450 kg or 1,000 pounds. Until Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire came out, they were regarded as the bulkiest Pokémon ever created. Ever since the Snorlex made their debut, they have received an overall positive response.

It does not have a nose while its face, feet, and hands are cream-colored. The rest of the Snorlex’s body is teal-colored. The Pokémon has a large head while its feet are larger than compared to the majority of Pokémon.

So, these are some of the most favorite blue Pokémon characters according to the survey results. If you are perpetually in love with things that are blue, then you will adore them too.

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