What Does Your Blue Car Say About the Real You?

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Do you find yourself often attracted to things that are blue? Perhaps, you have a wardrobe full of blue clothing or happen to drive a blue-colored car? Not everything is a result of chance. Your attraction to things that are blue can hold special significance for your life. Decoding this significance could help you live a life more attuned to your personal needs and desires. In this article, we discuss what driving a blue car can possibly indicate about the kind of person you are.

The color of your car functions as a sneak peek into your subconscious

Buying a car is a significant life decision and most of us have a list of facilities and qualities ready that we’d like our car purchase to match up to. One of these aspects that we might decide upon or choose spontaneously is the color of our ride.

Our car’s color is possibly the first thing that the public notices about it. So, the color of the car we drive can function as a representation of the persona we put up for people. It can tell a lot about how we want the greater world to perceive us.

Often, we make choices believing that they are completely arbitrary, but our random choices might actually be a key to our real selves. They can hide information about us which we ourselves might be unaware of.

Yes, the brand, trends and models of the car we prefer for purchase might influence the color of car we settle upon buying – yet, there’s always going to be a color that we will lean towards than others. The car paint color we pick might be inspired by contemporary trends and durability for accruing significant resale value, but practical purposes aside, the colors we choose to sport in our lives can reveal intimate insight into our minds. If we naturally gravitate towards things that are blue, we will most probably opt for a car in the same color.

Blue is among the most popular colors in the world

If your car is among the things that are blue that you have accumulated into your life, here’s what it tells people about you –

  • You are practical – First things first, a blue color car provides among the best resale value for used cars. So, if you’ve picked a blue car, you are a logical thinker who is practical in their decision-making.
  • You are calm and collected – If you drive a blue car, you are most likely to be an introspective and sensitive individual who is suspicious of flamboyant behavior. At the same time, you are willing to try and find common ground with another person who you may not necessarily have related to in the first instance.
  • You are honest, optimistic, compassionate, stable and serene.
  • You like being admired by others for your strong sense of self and the wisdom you possess.

A blue car also signals a stable and secure family life to outsiders.

The shade of blue you pick matters

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Lighter and darker shades of the blue color exist and can tell nuances in your personality and behavior. Although drivers who prefer blue colored cars are usually all calm and cool in their demeanor, the darker the shade of blue they incline towards, the more authoritative and confident they tend to be. An affinity towards light-medium shade blue-hued cars signifies a friendly, dependable and trustworthy personality. Drivers who prefer dark blue colors for their cars like being seen as credible authority figures.

Blue cars are expected to overtake white-colored cars in popularity in the U.S. soon. At least, if the near-consistent presence of this car color in recent auto shows and fairs is anything to go by.

Own a blue car? Drive it with pride

The color blue is often associated with sadness, but a blue-colored car is anything but solemn! A blue-colored car is like a patch of the sky – bright, calming and easy on the eyes. Lighter hues of blue, especially, can project quite the sunshine on otherwise dark grey highways. Dark blue colors in cars tell upon the mysterious quality of their owner’s personality. Mystical, deep and serene, just like the depths of the ocean, don’t worry about judgment when picking out a blue-colored car.

If you’re drawn towards things that are blue, you will be equally drawn to a car that is blue in color. It only means that you are a person who enjoys quiet satisfaction in their life. You enjoy social events and opportunities but also value your me-time on your own.

Like the blue sea, you have a lot of depth to your personality. You are all-embracing and welcoming when it comes to interacting socially. At the same time, you need time alone to recharge your quiet calm by yourself. Some people might mistake your fondness for the blue color as symbolic of a low mood, but don’t let this curb your fascination for things that are blue. You do blue with pride!

Written by Johnny McAwley

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