Why is Phantom Blue 2020s Most Dominant Color?

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Every year, new colors and color schemes gain popularity. You can see this whenever you come across advertisements, marketing campaigns, and even fashion. Certain years, some colors seem to be more popular than others.

Think back to 1999 when the Pantone Color Institute introduced its ‘Color of the Year’ category. That year, just before the Y2K hit, Cerulean was declared as the color for 2000. After that, there was no looking back and the color Cerulean appeared in everything from top digital to fashion design.

Since then, the Pantone Color Institute selects a new color for each year. This year, they selected Classic Blue. However, in 2020, the winning color has some fierce competition. That is how Phantom Blue has turned out to be one of the most dominant colors of the year 2020.

What is the importance of colors trending on different years?

The colors that are popular a certain year have a huge say in how business and marketing will progress. These colors are selected after considering a wide variety of factors. When a color such as Phantom Blue trends, you’ll find that a lot of merchandise and advertisements using that color become widely available. For 2020, blue objects are going to be more popular because two of the biggest colors this year are Classic and Phantom Blue.

The industries where the colors dominating that year are most important are creative, artistic, business and advertising industries.

Why is blue a dominating color?

One look at any list that details the colors that are popular this year will quickly reveal an abundance of blue. Twenty years ago, when the world was entering the new century, Cerulean blue started to trend. This pattern has been repeated this year. In 2020, the world is getting ready to face a new decade. This year, blue has once again emerged as a dominating color.

However, this is not unusual. Blue has always been a color that has been used by humans to mark special occasions. One of the earliest natural pigments humans used was blue. The color they used was a deep shade of blue. In fact, you can find evidence of indigo cultivation in Peru that dates back to 4000 BC.

Indigo is a color that falls between blue and purple. Although it’s more closely associated with blue, the violet color makes indigo appear more vibrant and eye-catching.

Phantom Blue is color that is obtained by mixing indigo with navy blue. A shade of blue that falls somewhere between the austere navy blue and energetic indigo blue, Phantom Blue perfectly captures the feel of 2020.

Phantom Blue and why the color fits so well with 2020

People have used colors to express themselves for centuries. One of the colors that is prevalently used is blue. Blue represents a lot of things to humanity. It’s the color of the sky and the color of the oceans. Birds, flowers and even certain fruits and berries are colored blue.

Blue objects are found everywhere in the world. It’s one of the most important colors that humans come across every day. Each time you step outside, the blue color of the sky is waiting to greet you. More importantly, especially for people in ancient times, blue was the color of the oceans and the seas.

Humans can’t live without water. And the association that people have built with blue and water has made it a color that comforts people.

Blue is most commonly depicted as a color that is associated with melancholy. This is correct, but this is only side of the story. Usually, blue is found close to black and other darker colors in the color palettes. Darker colors are associated with darker moods. But not all shades of blue are dark.

A diverse color, blue has historically been used to represent a myriad of occasions. ‘Feeling Blue’ or melancholic is associated with blue, but so it feeling calm and tranquil. Blue is the color of big corporations and businesspeople, but blue has also always been a color of work by the working class. The diversity that the color blue invokes makes it perfectly suited to address the complex emotions people across the world are feeling in 2020.

Phantom Blue, in particular, is a color that blends two rich shades of blue to create a shade that stands out for both being vibrant but austere. And in 2020, people need hope when fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. This austere situation, combined with hard work and hope from people across the world, will push humanity into 2021 and beyond. This makes Phantom Blue one of the most relevant and dominating colors of 2020.

What is the color Phantom Blue?

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Not all blue is the same. Some shades are more obviously different, such as the difference between sky blue and dark blue. But even within the dark and light shades, colors exist that best portray different human feelings, thoughts, and vibes.

Phantom Blue has the hex code #191970. It’s a darker shade of blue that still reserves an energetic luster. This is achieved by mixing together two historically important shades of blue.

The first of these is navy blue. Navy blue is obtained by mixing together black and blue. The resulting color is reminiscent of the rich and dark color of the oceans. This shade of blue got its name from the British Royal Navy. From 1748, the Royal Navy started using this shade of blue in their uniforms. Over time, navies from other countries also adopted navy blue into their uniforms.

The color navy blue is associated with hard work, conservatism, business and corporations due to how it has been used across history.

The other color used in mixing Phantom Blue is indigo. Like navy blue, indigo too has a rich historical tradition. Indigo has been widely used by civilizations across decades to get quality blue pigment. In places like Egypt, Japan and India, indigo cultivation was an extremely important task at various points in history.

o blue is a natural pigment that is extracted from the indigo plant. It takes time to cultivate and is a labor-intensive process. But the resultant color has always been associated with the working class. Indigo blue does not fade easily, and the color is accessible to people. Unlike navy blue, which is associated with the successful navy officers, indigo blue is a color of the people. Many blue objects are colored using indigo blue because of how well the color stays on different surfaces. In Phantom Blue, navy blue and indigo blue combine together to create a shade fit for 2020.

What does Phantom Blue represent?

In the year 2020, the world is now ready to face a new decade. The coming decade has already presented challenges to humanity in the form of an ongoing pandemic. Phantom Blue is a color that can deeply resonate with people at this time.

The shade is dark, but potent. Sometimes compared to the color of the sky at midnight, Phantom Blue is also a shade that retains energy. It’s not pitch dark, and not a shade that is mainly known for its intensity. Phantom Blue is dark, but it’s also very corporate.

In 2020, people from all walks of life joined hands in an effort to present a united front against a global problem. Just like how navy blue joins with indigo blue to present a color that blends the affluent with the everyday folk, Phantom Blue too brings people together.

There have also been blue objects that gained relevance in 2020. Aside from use in branding and medical equipment, Phantom Blue has primarily been used in digital designs in 2020.

Sitting across from the vibrant orange, Phantom Blue is the perfect color that can inspire people to work towards another day.

Phantom Blue: Why it’s relevant and dominating

Blue objects are a popular choice among consumers. Blue has also been a color commonly used in advertising and branding. Businesses and corporates consider blue to be a power color as well. Phantom Blue is a shade that best embodies both the darkness and the energy present in blue. The darker navy shades provide the intensity, while the violet hue found in indigo gives a pop of color to the shade. Phantom Blue represents a color of hope, of collaboration, of societies coming together, and of the future. From clothes to designs, the world has turned to Phantom Blue in 2020. A warm shade, Phantom Blue also had the added benefit of evoking positive responses from people. Blue objects colored with Phantom Blue invoke the positive emotions associated with the color blue. In 2020, people need to invest more in hope than ever before. In this environment, Phantom Blue has stepped in to be one of the dominating colors of the year. From powerful marketing campaigns to face masks, people are seeing more of and wearing more of Phantom Blue this year. A powerful shade of blue, Phantom Blue is a shade that represents both hope, as well as strength for the rest of the decade.

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