Types of Fish that are Blue

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Blue fish are some of the most famous and coveted fish in the aquatic world. They are eye-catching for aquarium lovers and hobbyists too. There are stunning kinds of blue fish to see out there. This is largely due to the role played by fish that occur naturally blue, or the work of breeders. You can discover a large variety of these enigmatic blue things in saltwater areas as well as freshwater spaces. The color blue is mesmerizing for numerous reasons.

The color blue is auspicious in many religions as well as areas of spirituality. Blue indicates a positive outlook and an aura of calm and peace. Several people adore aquariums, because they find the blue color of fish in them very soothing to see. Additionally, the way fish move, gliding easily across the water, offers a sense of composure. Check out these much sought-after things that are blue, which only serve to enhance the beauty of nature.

Siamese Fighting Fish

The Blue Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish is a freshwater fish. The color of the fish is a rich, royal blue. In a natural marine environment, these fish tend to be red mixed with blue. Nonetheless, Thai breeders have bred them for years to achieve the all blue hue. The fish have trailing fins and you can see these clearly in the male betta fish. The females don’t show these at all.

Strong fish, these things that are blue have a labyrinth organ that enables them to breathe partially. They can even live in stagnant pools because they are able to breathe in additional air. Other fish aren’t capable of doing this. Males have a particularly aggressive temperament. Their natural habitat is around Asian waters where they live in shallow marshes, ponds and gradually moving streams.

Yellowtail Blue Damselfish

Damselfish are prone to have aggressive behavior. The yellow-tailed fish aren’t that aggressive. They are quite small and have a brighter light blue hue. This contrasts beautifully with the yellow tip on the tail. They are tiny things that are blue, but they feed on even tinier crustaceans, baby fish and some microorganisms of their habitat. They are saltwater fish that are found in the Indian Ocean.

Neon Blue Goby Fish

The Neon Blue is a very small fish that possesses a magnetic blue color that looks bright in dark depths of ocean water. It is a saltwater fish found mainly in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. It typically swims near reefs and areas in which it can find a spot to perch. Uniquely, these fish are called “cleaners” as they swim in the mouths of other fish, removing loose skin and parasites. Generally, they are peaceful, but can become very territorial in defense of their perching locations.

Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish

With their blue iridescent flanks, these freshwater fish are not found anywhere on Earth, except in a river and lake in Papua New Guinea. Tough fish, they breed easily and are not aggressive. They actively move together in schools and of all things that are blue in nature, this sight is stunning. Males will show their best color only when females are around.

Royal Blue Tang

The most desirable saltwater fish is “Dory” (star of the animated classic, Finding Nemo). Royal Blue Tangs, unlike their namesake Dory, are not very friendly. Nonetheless, they own a deep cobalt blue color with a lime yellow tail and hints of black. They are vegetarians and feed on algae. In environments that are spacious and filled with ocean flora, they turn a richer shade of blue. They are found in the IndoPacific Ocean.

Asfur Angelfish

Dark blue with a bright yellow stripe running through the middle and a matching tail, this gorgeous fish is found in the Red Sea. It is also seen in the Persian Gulf. A saltwater beauty, when it is born, it isn’t all that blue. Very young fish are white with blue accents. People love these little things that are blue and their size belies their hardiness. They are shy, moving to a single area and staying there in the midst of other fish. Their ideal environments in oceans and seas are caves and rock formations. Voracious eaters, they eat smaller fish and sponges.

Peacock Blue Cichlid

Malawi, on the continent of Africa, is the native location of several species of cichlids. They all have different combinations of blue in the composition of their bodies. These freshwater fish have a natural blue color. Of all the varieties of cichlids, the Peacock Blue variety is intense in its color. Considered the best of the blue cichlids, the color of these charming blue things is a vibrant turquoise blue. They are territorial in their home of Lake Malawi, but not aggressively so. The lake has hard water and is rich in minerals, typically conducive to cichlid breeding and growth. They eat plants and other small fish and organic material.

Blue Delta Guppy

Freshwater fish that are easy and manageable and blue are Blue Delta Guppies. Their delta tail fins are a sky blue, as are their side fins. Their bodies are marble white. Some, a rarer variety, and prized things that are blue, have the color blue running from the head to the tail. Females have less of the blue, but are larger. Their habitat is in South America, and they thrive on just about anything smaller than them. The Blue Panda Guppy is also a beautiful fish in this family.

Paradise Fish

This fish, though with a very obvious gaudy red body, has many blue sections. The head is totally blue, and the body has parallel blue stripes. Dorsal fins are blue too. It is an omnivore and lives in lush and dense water plant areas. They can be aggressive around other male fish even within their species. These red and blue things are found in the freshwater of the Korean Peninsula extending right up to Northern Vietnam.

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German Blue Ram

These fish have iridescent yellow bodies, but are so covered in metallic blue dots, that they look blue. They have deep red eyes with clearly visible black stripes across them. Territorial, they can get aggressive with other rams. They are omnivorous. These fish love lots of foliage and places to hide. Inhabitants of the water bodies of the Amazon River, especially in the Orinoco River Basin, they live in Venezuela and Columbia.

Blue Gourami

Freshwater Blue Gourami are moderately sized fish and are tough, tolerating a huge range of aquatic conditions. They are bullies, though they are small things that are blue. Gourami is aggressive to fish smaller than it. They have small mouths and no real teeth to cause lasting harm, but they nudge and push other fish around. This is true, mainly of male Gourami fish. Their main habitats are in parts of South East Asia. These are labyrinth fish and have supplements of oxygen to live in humid pools. They are omnivores and they eat smaller fish. They are a beautiful misty blue hue, and they look almost translucent as they swim by.

Mandarin Dragonet

A fish that boasts an intriguing color scheme, this fish has an orange body with light blue lines going across it in curious patterns. The lines have a dark blue edging themselves. Unlike most other fish shapes, this one has a wide body, much like a dragon. These fish have a habit of raising their dorsal fins, and this only adds to their beauty. Mandarins feed on other small fish and are saltwater fish. They live in the Pacific Ocean from the Ryuku Islands to Australia.

Blue Dot Jawfish

Originating in Mexico, this fish has metallic blue spots on an orange body. They create burrows in the ocean bed. The shallowest bed it builds is around 6 inches in depth. Blue Dot Jawfish aren’t fussy and are omnivores. They will not come out of burrows to eat if they sense predators around.

Bluefire Jellyfish

Jellyfish of the blue color variety are few and far between, but the Blue Jellyfish is one such kind. Also called the Bluefire Jellyfish, it’s habitat is in the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel. It also lives in Scandinavian seas. It is a thing that is blue and is beautiful to see, but has tentacles that sting gravely. The jellyfish live off diets of eggs and larvae of other fish. They also consume zooplankton and phytoplankton.

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is a freshwater fish that has a background color of electric blue. On this background, there may be marks of a darker green or blue. Its spectacular colors brighten up the dark, murky waters in which it lives. It is found in the water bodies of Central America. The dorsal fin of this fish has red highlights. Compared to the male, the female has a somber hue. The fish is territorial and swallows smaller fish whole. It thrives among a lot of water foliage and hides in rocky areas. It also eats plankton.

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