A List of the Bluest Places on Earth

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Some researchers believe colors can have different psychological effects on our minds. How does the blue color make you feel? Do you find yourself attracted to blue objects? Blue is a color which is available in abundance on our planet considering it covers two-thirds of its surface. It comes as no wonder that we call Earth as a Blue Planet. Be it the dark blue color of a deep pool or the pale blue of a daytime sky, people often find blue as relaxing and calm. If you too are someone who dreams of soothing those tensed nerves with myriad shades of blue vistas, you are in luck.

We have rounded up the top bluest places on Earth for the true-blue travelers out there. It’s time to pamper yourself and welcome the positive effect of calmness that the color blue produces in the body. Whether you prefer under-sea adventures or want to indulge in land-based experiences, we have something on the list for everyone. From the deep blue waters of the Crater Lake of the US to turquoise waters of the Maldives, we bring to you a list of the bluest places to reconnect with nature.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Cosily tucked away in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is also known as the ‘Blue Pearl of Morocco’. When you visit this beautiful blue haven and witness its sapphire blue houses and alleyways you are bound to lose your heart there. The winding cobbled streets and ocean-dipped buildings are guaranteed to soothe your senses and make you never want to leave. There is a theory which says the blue symbolizes heaven and the sky and reminds people to lead a spiritual life.

P.S. Don’t forget to take your camera to click some blue objects in your frame and post on your Instagram feed.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Turkey’s popular Blue Mosque is also known as the Sultan Ahmed mosque and gathers thousands of tourists from all corners of the world every year. It is world-renowned for its stunning architecture and was built between 1609 and 1616. Its picturesque blue tiles can make anyone marvel at its unmatched beauty. The mosque gets its name from the 20,000 pieces of blue hand-painted tiles that adorn its interiors. The color of the mosque’s interior witnesses a shift in shades of blue as the natural sunlight falls on more than 200 stained-glass windows.

Júzcar, Spain

Did you love the movie ‘Smurfs’? Well, then you will love this amazing village ‘Júzcar’ set in scenic Valle Del Genal, also nicknamed as the ‘Smurf Village’. In 2011 with the release of the Smurfs, Sony Pictures decided to paint the traditional white houses to blue as a publicity stunt for the movie. Originally, the plan was to do it temporarily and paint the village back to white. But, the residents loved it immensely and the tiny village garnered such attention that tourists started flocking there. To this day, the village is steeped in blue! It is definitely worth a visit.

Crater Lake, USA

If you love blue objects, blue skies or the deep blue seas, the Crater Lake in America is a must-visit destination. Located in Southern Oregon, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the USA with a depth of 1943 feet. The sunlight can extend 400 feet down. There are no incoming rivers or streams that can make the water turbid which gives the water a clear appearance. The Crater Lake is ideal for scuba-diving enthusiasts who don’t shy away from chilly waters. If you are not a scuba diver, you can participate in a boat tour to marvel at the beauty of the Crater Lake with your loved ones.

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Jodhpur, India

Located in the north-western state of Rajasthan, India, Jodhpur is a charming city that draws crowds by the thousands from all parts of the globe. The old area of the city is home to blue-painted houses, vibrantly colored forts, grandiose palaces and temples. The rich culture and heritage are also key points that grab the tourists’ attention when they visit the magnificent city.

P.S. Want to get a bird’s eye view of the Blue City? Head to the ancient Mehrangarh Fort to catch unobstructed views of the city as far as the eye can see.


How can we have a list of the bluest places on Earth and not mention the Maldives? The tropical paradise is the go-to holiday destination of many travel aficionados. Its pristine beaches, endless stretch of white sands, turquoise waters and palm trees making up for a spectacular view – what’s not to love? The cute-looking over-water bungalows here are quite the rage and favorites of the honeymooners who come here to start the new phase of their lives. There are over 1000 coral islands to set base and explore the beauty of the Maldives. The tranquil vibe, the lip-smacking cuisines and the street shopping are added bonuses here. Do try snorkeling if you plan a visit next.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Looking for a dreamy getaway? Look no further! Blue Lagoon is the ideal escape courtesy of its natural waterfalls and wind-beaten landscapes. The blue color of the hot springs comes from its high silica content. It is also said to be rich in minerals. Not only does your skin feel refreshing but the warm water also helps people suffering from skin diseases. The spa pools attract a lot of couples looking to spend quality time with each other. If you are water sports enthusiast, the island can indulge you in a variety of adventure sports too! Win-win!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the most awe-inspiring island of Greece which also happens to be a favorite for movie shooting locations. The blue Aegean Sea surrounds Santorini which makes the iconic island with its blue and white contrasts a treat to the eyes. The magical vistas from the top can make you fall in love all over again. Tourists visit the iconic island to soak in the sun while marvelling at the shimmering seas and picture-perfect sunsets. If you are an admirer of blue objects and everything blue, you must include this in your list of places to visit.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Belize is located on the eastern coast of Central America. It plays host to plenty of jaw-dropping beaches. You can find massive Belize Barrier Reef at the offshore which is home to hundreds of exotic marine life species. But the winner that grabs the eyeballs of the travelers visiting Belize is the 124 meters deep submarine sinkhole, the Great Blue Hole. It is 318 meters wide and looks fabulous from the top view. The deep blue hole is believed to have started forming during the Ice Age when its caverns were flooded with water. Deep-sea divers have much to rejoice in the deep blue waters of this phenomenal sinkhole.

Paraty, Brazil

Feel like losing yourself in the vibrant Brazilian culture? Visit the fantastic town of Paraty to drive your blues away. This colonial town is known for its white buildings accentuated with blue accents that stand out as extraordinarily striking. Walk down the narrow lanes and explore the magical town on foot at a leisurely pace. Every sight you see is worth capturing here. If you have some more time in hand, you can even pair this trip with a short visit to Sao Paulo or the lively beaches of Rio de Janeiro. A symphony of blue awaits you!

Palawan, Philippines

Are you a water baby? Then you will simply love what Palawan has to offer. A quick flight from Manila, Palawan is the stuff of the dreams. The archipelago comprises jungle-filled islands that are surrounded by gorgeous teal waters. You can discover coral reefs, fish and other exotic marine life species at the array of lagoons, secret beaches and coves here. If you are up for some adventure, there is an option to swim through the world’s longest underground navigable river. Or, you can go diving in the ocean of Linapacan Island. The best part about Palawan is that it is very sparsely populated. This gives you the freedom to enjoy the holidays at your pace away from the crowds and the hustle-bustle of city life.


Our world is a mass of blue. Thankfully, we don’t need to head to space to see blue vistas from the top. Our beautiful planet is blessed and dotted with places where we can see blue views in all their glory. Bathed in shades of bright blue, navy, turquoise and more, every blue object lover can pamper himself easily. From gallivanting in the narrow lanes of Paraty to gaping at the wondrous architecture of the Blue Mosque in Turkey, there is so much you can do.

We hope you liked our list. Which place do you wish to visit first? Do you have any other blue places that you want to add to the list? Tell us in the comments section below.

Written by Lisa Johnson

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