Ten Most Beautiful Blue Flowers

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Blue color is loved by the vast majority of people in the world. It has a royal appeal, while the lighter shades are associated with spirituality, serenity and divinity. The color also has a calming effect and helps you sleep better. It is for this reason blue is preferred for bedrooms. Blue symbolizes intellect, confidence, and importance.

This article talks about the most beautiful blue flowers. Have you noticed that blue flowers are one of the rarest to be found in nature? The blue colored flowers have an outstanding look while the color is directly linked to cooling and calmness. These pretty blue things commonly stand for intelligence, trust, loyalty, truth, wisdom and faith, however, each blue flower is linked to a certain symbolism.

How are blue flowers special?

There is hardly any person on Earth that doesn’t admire the color blue. The awesome shade syncs with most personalities and attitudes, while it firmly stands with the contemporary, independent and confident people.

There are different varieties of blue flowers that bloom during different times of the year. All these come with a wide appeal. While red, pink, yellow, and white flowers are commonly found, blue flowers are rare. But each blue flower that exists has a special beauty and symbolism attached to it. Each flower is uniquely shaped, with petals and leaves adding to its beauty. It seems like God has taken abundant time and care in creating these pretty blue things.

· If you like the color blue and have a home garden, growing blue flowers makes you out of the ordinary. It makes your garden special besides adding to the curb appeal of your property. The reason is, not all gardens have blue flowers in them.

· Gifting a blue flower also makes you unique. While rose, tulips and orchids are largely used for gifting on occasions, why not make yourself stand out from the rest? Gifting a bunch of Asters or African blue lilies is certain to grab attention.

If blue is your favorite color and would like to know about the most beautiful blue flowers, here is a list you should go through:

Top 10 Blue Flowers

Blue Hydrangea:

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The appeal of this beautiful blue flower is breathtaking. It comes in striking blue shades, the most commonly found is the sky blue one. The small blue lovely flowers stand for love, care and affection and can impress anyone in this world. These pretty blue things are one of a kind and can make a great gift. If you have an event around the corner or are planning to gift something special to your loved one, a bouquet of blue Hydrangeas can be a good choice. If you are making a flower gift basket, do add a bunch of these flowers to make it stunning.


Delphinium flowers are rare and have an extraordinary look. It can make heads turn and stand out when placed amidst several other flowers. Shaped like a dolphin, Delphinium consists of the dominant royal blue color along with a light shade of violet and the peaceful white. This flower stands for peace, calmness, care, love and affection and can make the perfect gift for your dear ones. The flower not only offers a wonderful appeal but symbolizes attachment, fun, and levity too.


Clematis is a pretty climber plant whose flowers are mostly used for ornaments. “Arbella’, ‘Ice Blue’ and ‘Crystal Fountain’ are some blue varieties of this lovely flower. Meaning mental prowess, Clematis symbolizes ingenuity, courage, and faithfulness. This blue flower has a simple design and shape but has a look that stands second to none. The amazing flower is the favorite of many and of late is grown increasingly.


Among the pretty blue things on the Earth, Brunnea flower is a significant one. Belonging to the Boraginaceae family, this flower grows in groups, usually sky blue in color. Native to North West Asia and Eastern Europe, Brunnea blue flower offers a delightful fragrance. It has hairy leaves and is one of the prettiest things found in nature. The five petals form a simple shape while giving the flower an outstanding appearance. The white shade at the center is a perfect contrast, making the Brunnea extraordinary. This 5-petaled small blue flower blooms in early spring. It also has a striking resemblance to the amusing forget-me-not flower.


This flower belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. Anemone is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and available in over 200 species. Popularly known as Windflower, Anemone blooms in summer, fall and spring. It is a low growing plant.

Anemone flowers come with an impressive fragrance. These amazing things are blessed with a near to perfect shape, with lovely blue petals and a violet shade contrast at the center. Anemone stands for simplicity, care and beauty. Of late, this flower is used in the production of perfumes and to make flower gift baskets. It is believed that this flower brings luck as well as secures against the evil forces. Anemone is also associated with magical tales.


Dandelion blue flower signifies love, sympathy and desire. It also represents happiness, tranquility and faithfulness, while being symbolic across cultures since generations. Popular among the legends and folklore, Dandelion tops the list when it comes to the pretty blue things of nature. The small blue flowers that make up a dandelion have sharp features that make this species simply outstanding. Native to Asia and Europe, this flower has gained popularity across the globe for its minimalistic beauty. It is now available widely.

Grape Hyacinth:

This is a very beautiful flower that grows in clusters. It is uniquely shaped like a bulb and blooms in mid-spring. The flower is found in yellow, white and blue varieties, the popular being the blue shade. Grape Hyacinth is linked with rebirth and symbolizes sports, games and joy. This lovely blue flower is also associated with constancy and trust. If you want to pick a blue flower for gifting your family member, a close friend or colleague, Grape Hyacinth can be a good choice. Gift a cluster or pick some and add them to the gift basket. Your gift will be appreciated for sure. With a little care, this flower can also be grown in gardens. Make your move if you love blue flowers!

African Blue Lily:

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Also called Agapanthus Africanus ‘Blue Globe’, this flower is a royal treat to those that admire blue flowers. This spectacular flower blooms during the months of August and September with great blue bunches appearing like lamplighter’s torches on confident, elegant, long stems. The plants especially look great when placed in terracotta pots since they flower better when pot-bound. They need abundant moisture but do not get along with heavy or waterlogged soil. Care should be taken to provide sufficient water, failing which, they completely dry out. These pretty blue things need extra care, especially during the spring.


Aster is one of those attractive blue things on this planet with true beauty! It has thin strings like blue petals with a contrasting bright yellow at the center, making it look absolutely special. Also called ‘Little Carlow’, Aster does not have the royal blue shade, still has the appeal that can make anyone smile heartily. The striking small petals are the real attraction. Adorning the shade of a denim washed multiple times, this brilliant flower grows best in moderately fertile soil. Seeds of this plant can be sown in Spring/Autumn and it blooms fully between August-October. Aster blue flower is said to have great healing properties. It is associated with love, peace and daintiness while it is believed to drive away evil. Quite interesting, don’t you feel so?


As their name suggests, bellflowers are found in bell shape. They bloom in white, violet-pink, and purple flowers, but as you can guess, the most stunning one is definitely the one with the blue shade. With light and lovely yellow at their centers, Bellflowers can make fantastic cut flowers. Further, the dark green foliage finely complements the blue color. The symbolism related to this flower is constancy, gratitude and humility. These pretty blue things are also linked to the realm of fairies. Popularly referred to as ‘Fairy thimbles’, these pearl blue bellflowers are simply adorable!

Hope you liked the list. The color blue itself is delightful. When it comes to flowers, the color is even mesmerizing. If gardening is your hobby, try growing some blue flowers mentioned in the list above. These beautiful things can make you feel positive from within. They add meaning to your life by instilling confidence and peace within you. Since the color is associated with love, care and passion, choosing blue flowers will also enable you to enjoy your personal life to the fullest. What’s more! You can choose any blue flower and gift it to your loved one, we assure you, the receiver will feel happier than ever!

Written by Lisa Johnson

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