All you need to know about Peru’s blue opals

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The Peruvian opal is one of the most popular gemstones available to us. From with Queen Victoria wearing this jewel in ancient times to celebrities donning them on the red carpet, the blue opals are almost everywhere! Let us see what makes this gemstone a favorite among people.

About the Blue Opal

Found only in the Andes, Peru’s national stone is only found in the mountain ranges of the Andes. This rare gemstone has a shade of blue that resembles the color of the Caribbean Sea. A folklore suggests that the blue opal was gifted by the Goddess of richness and fertility, Pachamama.

Composed of hydrogen, oxygen and silicon, the water content in the Peruvian blue opal is quite high. Things that are blue in color tend to be preferred by people. Few surveys even suggest that most people deem blue as their favorite color. Though this sedimentary stone is found in various colors, the blue opal is one of the more popular gemstones that people love to purchase.

The major opal deposits have been found in Australia. However, a variety of other opals were also discovered in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Tanzania and even the United States. The translucent gemstone is rare among the opal types because it is only found in Peru. Also known as the ‘Peacock opal’, the rarity of this stone has made it tougher to find original blue opals.

History of the Blue Opal and its associations

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There is some debate about the origin of the name of this gemstone. Some believe that the word opal was derived in 19th century from the Roman word ‘opalus’ that means ‘seeing a change in the color’. However, some others believe that opals got their name from Sanskrit ‘upala’ meaning ‘ a precious stone’.

Usually associated with the throat and heart chakra, the blue opal is believed to calm the mind and bring relaxation. Some people also believe that this stone helps in improving communication and allows us to speak our mind. It is also considered as one of the most powerful stones for healing. Things that are blue in color are often used to enhance creativity and bring peace. Similarly, this opal is also considered to help liberate from emotional wounds and trauma.

There are countless fascinating legends and folklore that suggest that this gemstone has always been popular. A Greek mythology suggests that the opals contain Zeus’ tears. A legend from the Arabic claims that these precious stones fell directly from heaven. The legendary Queen Victoria was known for her love of opals. Aboriginal Australians believed that opals were left behind when the Creator walked on the Earth.

Opal is also one of the birthstones for people born in the month of October. Astrologically, it is associated with the zodiac sign of Libra and the planet of love and beauty, Venus. However, the blue opals have been associated with the zodiac signs of Cancer and Taurus along with the water and earth elements. In numerology, the Peruvian gem is related to the number three.

Benefits of the Blue Opal

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The blue opals are not only beautiful, but they can be used to improve a lot of our concerns. Some major benefits of this gemstone are outlined below –

Physical Health Benefits

Things that are blue help create a serene personality. Sources suggest that blue opals can help in easing fatigue and improving one’s metabolism. It aids in reducing stress and calming an overactive mind. Some people use it for making mineral absorption in their bodies easier. Because it is associated with the throat chakra, it also helps with clearing throat infections. Additionally, it is resourceful in providing a good night’s sleep.

Emotional Health Benefits

In terms of emotional health, you can count on the blue opal to provide support against mental fears or to keep negative emotions at bay. If you wish to be more confident or express your creativity with ease, wearing this stone can help you immensely. Retaining focus and improving memory can also be achieved by using this gemstone.

The Peruvian opals also help in harmonizing our personal relationships. As per color psychology, looking at a thing that is blue in color can help develop a more peaceful and calm approach in life. Wearing this gem also creates more optimism and emotional satisfaction in a person. Especially if you are introverted and have trouble communicating, this opal can work wonders for you.

Spiritual Benefits

It is universally believed that spirituality is associated with things that are blue. Therefore, this gemstone is considered highly spiritual. In fact, some people claim that the Peruvian opal can heighten intuition and increase our psychic abilities. Things that are blue are considered to depict honesty. In the same way, blue opals can help you in being true to your yourself.

Self-expression is denoted with things that are blue in color. The Peruvian opals also aid in heightening one’s creativity and imagination. History suggests that the opals were considered as the ‘queen of gemstones’ as it was mostly adorned by the royalty. Some even believe that if you dream about this gemstone, you can consider it as a good omen.

These opals also make astral projection easier. In the spiritual community, this stone is used to help strengthen connection with the spirit guides. It is known to raise our energetic vibrations and can be a great addition to our meditation practice. More importantly, these opals help us disconnect from our egos and have more faith in the Divine.

You can also disconnect easily from your past using this gem and ease your anxiety of the future. As a word of caution, wearing this gemstone for prolonged period of time is not recommended. Some people even use the blue opals to create elixirs.

Financial Benefits

It is observed that the blue opal can bring prosperity and attract material wealth easily. Achieving monetary goals with ease and making better financial decisions is also possible. Because this opal helps in creating mental clarity, you will be able to listen to your gut and make wise choices. It can make you courageous and improve your will-power in times of distress. You can choose to pair it up with other gemstones that are good for financial benefits to boost the results.

How to use the Blue Opal?

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Since the Peruvian opals contain healing powers, it is suggested to wear these gems or to keep them close to one’s body. They can be a wonderful addition to your closet as an accessory such as a bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings. Because of their popularity, a lot of popular jewelry brands have incorporated this stone in their designs. In addition to this, the unique color of this gemstone make it perfect for everyone regardless of the gender.

Some prefer sleeping with this stone under their pillow because it is known to bring pleasant dreams. Others like to use it for decorating their home interiors to enhance the energy of their homes. You can simply carry this stone in your bag or wallet when you are on the go. There are speculations that wearing gemstones in the wrong way can be a bad omen. If you consider yourself as a spiritual person, you can also find specific ways to use opals through geologists or astrologers.

How to clean and store the Blue Opal?

Since it contains mostly water and silicate, these opals do not have the same hardness as some other stones. It is vital to take good care of the opal to avoid any damage. Exposure to seasonal temperatures that are too high or low can damage the Peruvian opal. Additionally, it is advisable not to leave blue opals under direct sunlight.

These opals can be easily cleaned using mild soap or detergent with warm water. Because they are brittle in nature, it is recommended to avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean these stones. In terms of storing the opal, the stone is better kept in a soft cloth or plastic bag to avoid exposure to any extreme temperatures. Excessive use of perfume and acids near this opal can also weaken its properties.

Spiritually, this gemstone can be cleansed by keeping it near a plant or smudging it with sage smoke. You can also charge this gemstone by wetting it through running water for a few seconds. The Peruvian opals are also considered to be lucky in multiple cultures.

The price of these gemstones varies on the basis of their carat, cut and sizes. Additionally, where you purchase the gemstone from may also factor in the price difference. They are available through multiple online markets and physical stores as well. However, it is always recommended doing a thorough research before purchasing any gemstone.

The Peruvian blue opal provides such amazing health, spiritual and financial benefits. The positive effects that this opal can have in our lives is the biggest reason we must consider buying it.

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