All you need to know about the Siamese Fighting Fish

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If you are fascinated by blue objects and looking for blue objects to match your interiors, then blue Siamese fighting fish could be an amazing addition to your aquarium. This dazzling blue fish can complement your interiors filled with blue objects and enhance the decorum of your house or office.

The Siamese Fighting Fish are very popular and can be engaging pets for people belonging to all ages. The Siamese fighting fish come in various colors. But, if you are looking for blue objects in particular to decorate your space, then the cobalt blue colored Siamese fighting fish with a fancy fin could be a great choice for you.

Why are they called Siamese Fighting Fish?

The Siamese fighting fish are more popularly known as Betta and its scientific name is Betta splendens. But while reading you might wonder why they are called fighting fish.

They are called as fighting fish due to their aggressive nature. The male fish is more aggressive in nature than the female fish. These fishes are extremely territorial in nature. If two male fish are kept in the same aquarium, they would attack or fight with one another leading to the death of one or in some cases both. This fish was first found and is native to Thailand which was formerly known as Siam. Hence the name Siamese fighting fish.

Betta was an ancient Asian warrior tribe. The Siamese fighting fish was named after the tribe due to its aggressive nature.

History Of Siamese Fighting Fish

The Bettas or Siamese Fighting Fish were first found in rice paddies and canals of Thailand. The Betta fish became popular around the mid 19th century. Children would collect these fishes and keep them together deliberately to watch them fight.

People started betting on the fights between the fishes and soon this became a very common sport. The popularity of this sport reached the king and the king of Thailand started taxing and regulating this sport.

The King collected fighting fish of his own and gave them to a physician Theodore Edward Cantor who published a research article on these fishes and named them Macropodus pugnax. But later an ichthyologist named Charles Tate Regan found out that there were already fishes with a similar name and re-named them Betta Splendens meaning splendid warriors. These fishes became very popular in Thailand and soon people began trading them to other countries.

Due to its historical and cultural significance the Siamese fighting fish or Betta Fish was declared as the national aquatic animal of Thailand by the country’s council of ministers on 5 February 2019.

Diet, Lifespan and Size

The Siamese fighting fish or Betta fish are carnivores. These fishes need a diet that is rich in protein and fiber to survive. They feed on larvae of mosquitoes and various aquatic insects. They can be fed on pellets and blood worms as well.

On an average the Bettas are known to live for 3 – 5 years. They are usually 3 inches (7.62 cm) in size.

Few Facts About Siamese Fighting Fish

  • Fishes that look like blue objects in the aquarium can be great design elements for your home or office. Their long, flowing and fancy fins have made them the world’s most popular aquarium fishes. Due to the beauty that they exhibit they are sometimes also called as the designer fish of the aquatic world.
  • The Siamese fighting fish has a special ability of taking in oxygen directly from the air as well. Although these fishes are well-equipped with gills, they can also breathe in oxygen directly from the air due to the presence of a labyrinth organ. Hence this fish can survive for a short amount of time if taken out of water which is not the case for other fishes. Due to this ability the Siamese fighting fish can also survive in low and shallow water or oxygen deficit areas.
  • The Siamese fish unlike other fish species is popular as a pet as it is very interactive and is known to identify its human companions. Do not be surprised if the Siamese fighting fish follows your moving finger outside the aquarium!

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  • Because of their aggressive and highly territorial nature people have started breeding these fishes and betting on them. This has led to a new Siamese fighting fish business. Breeders keep the male Siamese fishes separated for some time. Then they place them in large holders, where the fishes confront each other and start fighting. The fight ends when one of the fish retreats. This sport has become very popular and attracted many spectators across the globe.
  • The male Siamese fighting fish are more attractive and have longer and more fancy fins as compared to the female Siamese fighting fish. The female fishes have shorter fins and do not come in such vibrant colors as the male counterparts. Siamese fighting fishes can have different shapes of tails like veil tail, crown tail, rose tail and half moon to name a few.
  • During mating the male Betta fishes build a bubble nest at the water surface to attract the female Betta fishes. About 10 – 40 eggs are released at a time when the male Betta fish embraces the female Betta fish. Incubation period is 24-36 hours. After laying the eggs the female Betta fish devours the eggs, hence the male Betta fish starts protecting the eggs. This might result in a fight between the two partners if present in the same aquarium, hence few people consider separating the partners after mating.

Right Habitat For Siamese Fighting Fish

Bettas can be kept in heated and filtered water aquariums. Temperatures between 76 °F (24.44 °C) and 84 °F (28.89 °C) are suitable for them. Lower water temperatures are not suitable for Bettas, and they might become more prone to various kinds of diseases under low temperatures. One of the reasons the Bettas are the most popular aquarium fishes is that they do not require much space and are easy to maintain.

Approximately two gallons of water with frequent water changes every 2-3 weeks is sufficient for the Siamese fighting fishes to survive. Any kind of aquarium decoration like trees and lights can also be added to make the fish feel safe and decorate your aquarium.

Blue Color symbolizes calmness and peace. If you are looking for blue objects to decorate your space, then eye catching, blue Betta in the aquarium is definitely something that will enhance your blue color themed decor.

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