20 Interesting Facts About Blue Eyes

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Blue eyes are attractive. In fact, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t admire blue eyes. Around 8-10% of the people in the world have blue eyes, coming next only to the most common eye color, which is brown. Blue-eyed people are mostly found in the Northern part of Europe, in the Baltic Islands, Scandinavia, and the British Islands. People with blue eyes are also commonly found in Spain, France, the U.S, Belgium and Algeria. It is largely believed that people with blue eyes have descended from a common ancestor who lived thousands of years ago. The awesome eyes likely originated from a possible genetic mutation. Scientific research on blue eyes, though, is still on.

Does the color of the eyes have anything to say about one’s personality? Some people think that blue-eyed people are romantic, while some perceive them to be cruel. Some believe them to be arrogant and some others, sensitive and serious. Does this make any sense to you? You cannot judge or make out all the traits of a person based on the eyes color, just as you cannot make out with his/her hair color. However, there are some blue eyes facts that are proven and very interesting. If you possess a pair of beautiful blue eyes and want to know blue eyes facts, this article is for you. The write-up also talks about the features of the people that have blue eyes.

The following are the best known blue eyes facts:


If you think the blue color of the eyes is due to the presence of the blue pigment in the human iris, you are wrong. Surprised? The blue color you see is a result of the lighting condition, just like you see it on the big beautiful sky. One of the most interesting among the blue eyes facts, don’t you think so?

Alcohol Tolerance

Well, this might surprise you as well. According to several studies, it has been observed that blue-eyed people have a relatively higher alcohol tolerance. Additionally, these studies pointed out that people with blue eyes were more prone to alcohol abuse. Studies were carried out on women and prison inmates which proved this. Sounds like an age-old myth but it is indeed true!

Sensitive to Light

Blue- eyed people are sensitive to light. Since these people have a small quantity of melanin on their eyes, they cannot tolerate bright light. If you are one among those, do make it a point to wear sunglasses when you head out. Avoid getting your eyes exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays. Since the blue eyes are sensitive to light, the blue-eyed people have a higher risk of contracting melanoma.

Blue Eyed Baby?

This is yet another interesting point when it comes to blue eyes facts. All blue-eyed couples will not have a baby with blue eyes. They may still have a baby with brown eyes.

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Big Family

A Denmark researcher has revealed that every blue-eyed person on this planet is related. Can’t believe? According to research, human beings 8000-10000 years ago had only brown eyes. It has been the mutation that happened later in an individual that caused some individuals to have blue eyes. This means, all the blue-eyed people in this world are somehow related, with a real big family.

Blue Eyes at Birth? The Color May Change!

If a child is born with blue eyes, it does not mean that the child retains them. Melanin production might kick in, turning them dark brown or black eventually.

Blue-eyed People Might Develop Diabetes

According to some Italian researchers, blue-eyed people are more likely to develop diabetes. The culprit, obviously, is the gene associated with the eye color.

Tolerate Pain

It is observed that women with blue eyes tolerate pain better than those with dark eyes. This is especially observed during child birth.

Blue-eyed Men Prefer Blue-eyed Women

Not all but a large percentage of blue-eyed men love to have a partner with blue eyes. The reason for this is not anything scientific but these men find women with light colored eyes irresistible.

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Waardenburg Syndrome

Brown and blue are not the only eye colors. You can also find green and hazel. But there is a rare syndrome called Waardenburg, that results in people having two different colored eyes. A person with blue eyes, pale blue in particular can suffer from this syndrome.

Vitiligo Skin Disorder

People with blue eyes are more prone to developing Vitiligo, a skin condition. This causes loss of skin pigmentation, resulting in random white patches on the body. Vitiligo is a common skin condition but the cause for it is still unknown. Most researchers say it is an autoimmune disorder.

Popular with the Songs

Blue eyes are popular with the artists, it seems. A number of musicians and artists have written songs related to blue eyes. Some of them to mention are Willie Nelson’s ‘Blue Eyes cryin in the rain’, Eric Clapton’s ‘Blue Eyes Blue’, The Black Crows’ ‘Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye’ and Elton John’s ‘Blue Eyes’.

The list does not end here. There’s more to blue eyes facts. Here are some common features of people who have blue eyes.

Romantic and Joyful

If you are a blue-eyed person, you might have come across situations where the opposite sex falls for you. This is because people find your eyes attractive and your personality joyful. They also perceive you to be naughty and romantic. Similarly, you also love to engage with zealous people.

Sharp Brain and Attentive

People with blue eyes, though joyful, can get very serious and attentive at times. They take things seriously when the matter is of concern and do not tolerate mistakes. Such people have a sharp brain too and use it to get creative and productive. Blue-eyed people are quick to grasp things and act swiftly- they do not let any opportunity slip by.

Easily Builds Relations

Given the friendly and charismatic nature, it is easy for the blue-eyed people to make friends. Building and maintaining relations come naturally to them. They attract people and respect relations. Blue-eyed people build long-term relations and maintain them successfully for life.


Blue-eyed people are happy-go-lucky kind of guys and try to make the surrounding others happy. They are full of bliss, love traveling with family and friends and ensure to keep the atmosphere around them filled with fun and joy. Are you one of those attractive people? We admire you!

Love Peace

You cannot miss this blue eyes fact. People with beautiful blue eyes are kind and loving. They do not fight or encourage violence. Such people are always calm and mingle with like-minded peaceful people.

Smart and Quick

Blue-eyed people are very smart. They stay updated about the things happening around them. They often check the status of their home and office and make sure everything is fine and going smooth. A slight disturbance around makes them attentive, and they act in no time to bring things under control.

Empathetic and Confident

This is the most interesting among the blue eyes facts. People with blue eyes are not only attractive and romantic but empathetic towards the others too. They are confident about themselves and strike the chord at the right time. They speak only when they have knowledge about what they are talking about and do not meddle with the others’ lives. Furthermore, these people choose confident partners.

Better Night Vision

It is said that blue-eyed people have a far better night vision when compared to those with black, hazel or brown eyes. These people are sensitive to light during the day but because they are low on melanin, light enters the eyes more easily during the night.

Are Blue Eyes the Best?

Well, this is difficult to answer but it is proven that blue-eyed people are strikingly beautiful. It is also observed that most people with blue colored eyes excel academically. They are strategic thinkers and one of the best decision makers.

Blue eyes are gorgeous and suit both dark skinned and fair skinned people. While the color provides a romantic look for light skinned people, for dark skinned folk, the combination can be one-of-a-kind.

Hazel, black and brown are also beautiful eye colors and fantastic in their own way but blue truly stands out. Though rarely seen in nature, blue is the favorite color of numerous people in the world. The amazing color attracts children and adults as well men and women.

We believe that we have presented sufficient blue eyes facts in the aforesaid paragraphs. If you have a pair of stunning blue eyes, you are lucky, lovely, romantic, and witty! You should be proud to have an amazing pair of light-colored eyes that are hard to find. Blue eyes have a special appeal that make the others envy, they make you look mischievous and smart. However, take care not to expose your eyes to the sun’s UV rays since it can cause some serious eye issues.

Written by Lily Jameson

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