What Do Bluebirds Mean Spiritually?

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Bluebirds symbolize happiness, good health and prosperity. If you have been spotting bluebirds frequently of late or seeing them in your dreams, it means you have something good in store. These bluebirds are said to come from the world of spirit, with the intention of conveying to you the pleasure and joy that is about to come. They are messengers that come to spread love and joy. Bluebird symbolism or blue symbolism is associated with nature and positivity. If you are seeing them often, do not ignore it as coincidence- they have approached you from the spirit world, to communicate to you about the upcoming good times.

Spiritual Meaning of Bluebirds

As mentioned in the above paragraph, blue symbolism is linked to nature. If you are time and again seeing a bluebird, make yourself free from the materialistic hectic world and spend some quality time with nature. Try becoming one with Mother Earth. Explore the beauty of nature, you will experience true happiness. Bluebirds carry spiritual messages which can be understood if you carefully observe them.

When you take the appearance of bluebirds seriously and follow their path, you will realize how wonderful the world is. You will begin noticing the minutest of wonderful things and find happiness in the smallest things. For example, a clear blue sky, sunshine or a blooming flower is enough to bring an excited smile on your face. Positivity starts building within you. Further, you will limit socializing and get close to only a small group of friends that is trustworthy.

What Exactly Does Seeing a Bluebird Mean?

You will not see a bluebird by chance. That’s right. When you spot a bluebird, it is a clear indication that you should start exploring the sources of happiness around you. God has created a beautiful universe, but we humans have got too materialistic and failed to appreciate the real beauty. We have failed to find joy that is all around us. Bluebirds, the spirited ones come to us to remind that it is time to give up the unnecessary and start looking for the true sources of joy.

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If you are seeing a bluebird, just pause for a while and look around. There may be several sources of joy that you have until now failed to identify. Bluebirds want you to recognize those sources and experience the ultimate happiness. They come to spread peace and positivity and always wish your well-being. Do not ignore the appearance of a bluebird. It comes with the sole purpose of making you happy.

Blue Symbolism and Bluebirds

Blue is rarely seen in nature. Have you noticed that you do not get to see a bluebird now and then? A bluebird also has very few friends in nature but it stays happy all the while. This spirited bird symbolizes transition too. So, if you see a beautiful bluebird at a time when your life is undergoing a transition, it means you can go ahead confidently. The transition is going to bring happiness and prosperity for you. Spotting a bluebird is a good sign and you should act swiftly if you are going through a transitional phase. Bluebirds also signify delight, grace and angelic realm.

Do not worry or imagine the negative when you see a bluebird. The charming bird symbolizes the good and happiness results in everything you do. Just open up your heart and listen to the bluebird when you come across one. You will understand that your divine angels are with you, by your side, to guide you towards victory and happiness.

A Happy Bird

A bluebird is always cheerful. Have you ever heard the song this lovely bird sings? You will absolutely get lost in a melodious, happy world! If you weren’t aware or not noticed until now, do make some time next time you spot a bluebird. You will be glad you did. A bluebird stays happy and spreads happiness all around. Since God sends these birds, be assured of the good days that follow.

Are You Seeing Bluebirds in Your Dream?

If you have prayed to God or your angels to guide you make any decision, the higher energies send bluebirds as their messengers. This indicates what you have been doing is right. You can proceed in the same direction. Bluebirds in your dream means you are about to find happiness in what you are doing. Remember, bluebirds do not appear in front of everybody, just a few like you chosen by the angels are lucky! As discussed, blue symbolism is directly related to luck and joy, so be firm and pace ahead confidently.

Spiritually, bluebirds are also believed to be the angels. It is believed angels take the form of bluebirds and come to lift your spirits when you are feeling low and about to give up on something you have been working hard. It shows you the right path, the finish line of which would be great happiness and prosperity.

What’s So Sweet About the Bluebirds?

Bluebirds carry the gentle, loving and peaceful energy of the angels. Simply seeing a bluebird soothes your soul, brings hope, provides the energy and ignites the spark within you. These angels are a reminder of how special and loved you are.

What Should You Do When You See A Bluebird?

Blue symbolism has held a special significance for a long time now. Since ancient times, bluebirds have been a symbol of happiness and success. They have been adored across cultures and traditions. If you spot a bluebird or are seeing it often, here are steps you should follow:

  • Come out of your everyday routine and look around you. Identify the blessings of God and how lucky you have been all along. Recognize and appreciate the beautiful things around you and spend time with the nature.
  • Since a bluebird signifies prosperity, you will have good fortunes coming your way. You may land your dream job, get a pay rise or get amazing business offers. Ultimately, your financial situation improves to a great extent. So, lookout for possible opportunities when you see a bluebird.
  • You will stay in good health. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to further improve your well-being.
  • The appearance of a bluebird indicates that you have been proceeding in the right direction. Go ahead without any worry and things will quickly fall in place. Luck follows you everywhere.
  • Spend time outdoors and try to reconnect with your inner spiritual essence.
  • Came across a dead bluebird? Do not feel scared. It does not indicate death. It just tells you that you have lost your innocence and getting old with time.

Is Bluebird Your Spirit Animal?

Bluebird is certainly your spirit animal if it often appears in front of you. We would like to let you know you are very lucky if bluebird is your animal totem.

You may have problems in your life or might be facing obstacles in your projects. However, if you see a bluebird, it is a reminder that you are blessed. You also have beautiful things around you from which you can extract happiness.

Life is not all about career and earning money. God has designed this universe beautifully and it is left to you to find joy. A bluebird creates this awareness in you.

More About Blue Symbolism

  • Blue symbolizes positivity and good. This is why when you see a bluebird, you feel joyous and energetic from within. You might feel that your heart just skipped a beat and experience a feeling that is hard to explain. This is what true, divine happiness is.
  • Bluebirds are companions of the divine angels. If you carefully observe the ancient paintings or any artistic works, you will find a number of them with angels and bluebirds together.
  • The color blue tells even more. It is a symbol of honesty, integrity, security, harmony and contentment. This is the reason the blue color is widely being used in office settings and home interiors. Seeing bluebirds therefore is considered to be a good sign.
  • Bluebirds remind you not to compare yourself with the others and focus on your blessings. Many a time, humans do not identify their blessings and keep longing for more materialistic things, which is the primary reason for unhappiness. Stop being selfish and appreciate the little things. Simple things like the fresh bloom in your garden or a pet’s mischief can keep off the negativity and make you feel happy.
  • Bluebirds broadly symbolize gratitude, self-defense, happiness, confidence and power. They invoke the child within you, to enable you to find delight in simple things. These little, beautiful creatures are also generous, meaning, you need to get down to earth and be graceful.

If you come across a bluebird, you certainly need to go slow and take a look at your surroundings. Even if you are already happy and satisfied, you need to slow down and recognize what the angel in the form of the bird is trying to tell you. Its message is for your own good.

Written by Johnny McAwley

Johnny is a writer who has been in the industry for more than 7 years. He has written for a number of well-known companies and publishers during the span of his career. He believes he is a happy-go-lucky guy who always makes the most of every opportunity that is presented to him. He believes laugher is the best medicine, and more often than not, if you hear a loud laugh in the room coming straight from the belly, you can bet that’s Johnny. He loves his dog, Flash, an energetic Golden Retriever, and often goes hiking with him on the weekends.

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