What is the Spiritual Significance of Blue?

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Did you know spiritual meanings also exist for specific colors? A color that has a lot of significance and deep meaning is the color blue.

Color psychology

There has been some research conducted in psychology about the relationship of colors with people and their influence on us. It seems that some colors evoke different moods, outbursts, and emotional expressions depending upon the individual.

Certain colors also have meanings and importance in people’s lives even though we might not be aware of it. Several colors have deep meaning and symbolism – like the color red stands for passion. On the other hand, green stands for nature and health while the color white stands universally for peace, tranquility and innocence.

All about blue

Painters and artists will often tell you that blue is a basic color out there. Several shades of blue exist and the most famous is the mysterious royal blue. When people think about the color blue, they think about the sky and the sea.

As mentioned, the color blue does have other important significance in people’s life. As far as communication goes, blue stands for communication between two individuals i.e. speaking with a voice. It stands for self-expression as it is idealistic in nature. Owing to its self-expressing nature, it lets people communicate their needs and desires in a more understandable manner.

In spirituality, this wonderful color represents intelligence and highest form of wisdom. It is always inspiring people to achieve greater heights. In addition to these, such a peaceful color also stands for prayer, angels, religious piety and study. The color has strong ties with devotion and is extremely devoted in whatever tasks it undertakes in life.

Blue is always associated with a lot of positive traits like loyalty, accountability and goodness. It is a peaceful color that often avoids all kinds of conflict, choosing not to cause any scene at all.

This is a reliable color that can be trusted according to psychologists. Blue symbolism stands for security, confidence and always manages to take the right action. Seeing this color can promote inner calm, peace which allows people to be mentally relaxed and happy.

This is why seeing the blue sky or taking a stroll along the beach revives us instantly. The color blue is said to alleviate stress while promoting positivity, calm and peace. Looking at this color automatically rejuvenates us because of its calming nature. The palest blue make you more relaxed.

Even in the field of fashion, blue symbolism represents the tranquility, peace of the great skies and seas. The different shades of blue stand for different traits in the design and fashion world. Shades that is darker like royal blue is associated with the royals and the mystique. On the other hand, pale shades of blue often are representation of the beach i.e. summer.

The color blue like other colors have several shades to its name. Blue’s origin story of its color and its influence on different cultures can be seen with history’s help. The meaning of a particular shade of blue can easily be traced to the name of that certain shade.

Well planned

Blue as a color is someone who doesn’t like to do anything last minute. It is predictable and loves order and status. Blue is a power-loving color that likes to plan and order. This is why it can come across as very dominant. This is why this color can get scary if things are not going like it wants to. That’s why blue is known as the color of perfection often representing powerful people like royalty.

Serene, composed and calm

As said before, blue symbolism stands for serenity and peace. The predictable nature of this amazing color is often linked with its peaceful and cool energies. The color blue is known to represent god, angels and ever-present in many cultures.

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That’s why this color is sometimes called cruel. It represents truth as it is which some people might not be in favor of. Blue is a very complex color- choosing to be both wide open and hidden together.

For anxious individuals, blue is often used in rehabilitation to evoke positive emotions. An individual immediately feels at ease and is able to calm down his mind in an instant. In spirituality, blue represents faithfulness, security, tranquility and hope. It is completely different from color red which symbolizes passion and action. This is because blue evokes harmony and devotion.

Stress buster

People in today’s world are tied down with anxiety and worries. Seeing blue color can have a positive effect on an individual. In spirituality, blue stands for the present encouraging us to forget the past and live in the present. This is why people prefer going outside when they are not feeling well or are worried. Blue symbolism represents calm and looking at clear blue skies when you are worried can do wonders.

The effects of blue on body

Why does blue evoke calmness and peace? Studies have shown using blue light can remarkably improve a person’s memory. Not only that, it is shown to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and make the heat rate stable. Seeing blue colors allows for a good night’s sleep as it has an effect on the pituitary gland. This wonderful color can even regulate our breathing patterns and kill bacteria as well.

Friendly and loyal

The blue color stands for loyalty and friendship. A very intelligent hue, you can always trust it to guide you every time. Whenever you are worried about something, blue will always have your back. It is a selfless color choosing to help people without expecting anything in return. Blue is full of wisdom -seeking guidance and friendship from it can be an enriching experience for all.

Avoids conflict

As mentioned earlier, blue is seldom known to create any conflict. Like the color white, it is a peaceful color, and stands for coolness. Blue hates being popular, drama and is not known for having a strong personality. Despite being weak willed it has a strong life force.

Chakras and the color blue

In yoga and Hinduism the color blue is seen in the throat chakra. This is the fifth chakra and is a very important chakra. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, it translates to cleanser. As said before, blue stands for wisdom. This explains why this chakra also stands for qualities like well-being and awareness. It is not a surprise then that the hue represents the almighty and the heavens.

Singing, screaming and talking are some purification that are often associated with this chakra. If an individual wants to activate this chakra, he needs to wear the gemstones aquamarine and turquoise. These are the precious stones that are linked with the color blue.

The fifth chakra is so important in an individual that any error in its function can cause worries. The error may come out in several ways depending on the person.

Sensitive and emotional

Sensitivity is often used to describe the wonderful color blue. Being very sensitive, it can get hurt very easily for even a small thing. After it gets hurt, blue doesn’t know how to move on and pick itself up. It is a highly emotional color, choosing to feel all emotions strongly and deeply. For an individual who is emotional, blue might not be the color as its sensitivity can be overwhelming.

Mystical and imaginative

The color blue has so many spiritual meanings and known for its symbolism. As said before, this beautiful hue is often linked with imaginative qualities. It is no surprise then that this color is heavily found throughout different art forms. Blue symbolism stands for deep secrets of the universe, the mystique, creativity and the never ending world of imagination.

In nature, blue is the color of the water and the skies – peaceful and mysterious at the same time. The limitless sky and the vast open sea are symbolized with the color blue as it stands for mystery.

In spirituality, this color encourages people to attain the highest form of wisdom. It is a very mysterious color representing creativity which makes it difficult for humans to relate to it. Whatever is the shade of blue, there is no doubt about its mystical powers.

It becomes very apparent that this color can encourage positivity in you. In many cultures around the world, it represents god and helps keep the mind at ease with its peaceful nature. The benefits of looking at this color are numerous. For example, it is well known for being calming in nature, slowing metabolism in humans and healthy self-expression. This hue can even suppress the growing appetite of a person very well. This is why this color has gained immense recognition and significance around the world, especially for its healing properties. It is a prominent color used in many flags for different countries. The color blue is so powerful that it is extensively used in psychotherapy and color therapy to help out people.

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