What does blue symbolism in dreams mean

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Colors have great significance in the field of dream interpretation. It is generally assumed that we dream of things that we have seen in our waking life at least once. When we are awake, our subconscious is actively collecting input through all our five sense and these combinations form the fabric of our dreams. This kaleidoscopic phenomenon has inspired a lot of theories and interpretations. Some recurring dreams are often understood as messages. These messages are rarely simple as the elements of our dreams are often symbolic.

Unfortunately, we often forget most of our dreams when we wake up. The parts that we do remember therefore, are of particular interest. Colors offer great clues in this matter. Most people remember their dreams as colorless, and pay more attention to the events. But when someone remembers the color of their dreams, holds a lot of interpretative value. Colors have symbolic meanings of their own.

The meanings of different colors that appear in dreams will differ from person to person. Obviously, the color blue will mean different things to people who love blue color and people who hate blue color. Similarly, the general mood of the dream also contributes to how the colors are interpreted.

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How do you see color in your dreams?

In the field of dream interpretation, a lot of importance is given to the way we remember our dreams. It is believed that dreams are ways of communication between the universe/God and human beings. Since it is a medium of communication, it is reasonable to assume that the elements that feature in a dream will not be random. Like any effective medium of communication, elements that vividly stand out catch our attention, and are probably more important than others.

How we remember colors is a good place to start. We usually remember our dreams as colorless or of no remarkable colors. So when we do remember the colors in our dreams, it is considered very important. Dreams can be tinted in a certain color, in contrast to normal life. You might remember this detail when you wake up, due to the stark contrast with your surroundings.

Colors can also feature as part of the events in your dreams. A common recurring dream may involve free falling through air or water. In those cases, you will likely remember the vivid blue of the sky or water. You could also remember a specific colored object that repeatedly features in you dreams. It could be a dress you were wearing in the dream or something you were looking at. Some people have recurring dreams of just staring at a particular thing. If you happen to remember the thing along with its color when you wake up, it can provide clues to the message being conveyed to you. It is not uncommon to find bizarrely colored objects in your dreams. Their meanings are enhanced by the mismatch in the colors.

Significance of blue in dreams

  • The most recognized meaning of the color blue is related to water. Blue water has a calming effect on people. When someone sees blue color in their dreams, it is usually considered a symbol peace and calm. This is usually a sign that your life is going at a pace that is too fast for your own comfort. A calming, blue dream can help to remind you of the peace and stillness you are missing in your life. This can help guide you to bring your life back on track.


  • Blue is also the color of creativity. It signifies artistic callings in your life. These days in our busy lives, we find it convenient to hold ourselves back from activities that don’t earn us money. Blue color signifies an uninterrupted flow of ideas and desires. For anyone who ever dreamt of being a professional artist of some sort, blue is a promise of uninterrupted creativity. We paid more attention to our immediate desires when we were children. As we grow older, we learn to put our desires on hold for more long term goals. If you blue color in your dreams, it is an indication that it is high time you responded to your inner callings.
  • Artistic calling is more than just a reminder for you to indulge in artistic ventures. True artistic endeavors require you to be painfully honest. If your life has been caught up in a world of people pleasing, evoking a constant sense of “this is not me”, blue dreams are an indication that you should take a break. Engaging in repeated meaningless conversations and constant pleasantries often make us yearn for a more meaningful interaction. You might have lost touch with people who you used to have meaningful, wholesome conversations with. This is a reminder to go meet your friends and get in touch with your inner most self. Satisfy your need for wholesome relationships.

Blue dress symbolism

  • In the olden days, it was believed that when a young woman saw a blue dress in her dream, it indicated heartbreak. Blue dresses were considered sad and ominous for women who were in secret relationships. Since many of societies placed a lot of importance to the honor of women, if they dreamt of blue dresses, it was considered a warning of an impending scandal. Women took extra care to keep themselves shielded from any possible infamy.

Blue room symbolism

  • If you dream that you are in a blue room, it could mean misfortune. A blue room can be a room painted blue or a room with blue drapes and sheets. This is seen as an indication of misfortunes involving finance. It may not be an entirely bad situation though. If you have been going through some financial struggles lately, a blue room in your dream can just mean that your situation might persist for some time. If you have made some life changing decisions lately, a blue room in your dreams might be an indication that you should reconsider. Or, that there is a financial side to the decisions that you may not have taken into consideration.

Personality traits

  • Blue symbolism in dreams could also be calling your attention some of your personality traits. A blue tinted dream may mean a depressing mindset. You should seek happiness more than success in life. Our understanding of success is often different from happiness. What we understand as success often has to do with what other people think of us. Blue symbolism says that you should pay more attention to your own needs in life rather than going by what other people think. Indulge in things that give you happiness. Making a conscious effort to have a positive outlook towards life can go away in changing your somber mindset.
  • Blue shimmer is a sign of good things to come. Shining jewels and a shimmery texture for your dreams set in blue tint, can mean unexpected good fortune. Good fortune need not be entirely financial or professional success. It can also mean that you make good relationships. If you are single, shimmery blue dreams is the sign that you are about to meet someone who you could potentially have a relationship with. For couples who have been trying to have children, blue shimmer is a sign that you can expect good news in the immediate future.
  • In books that deal with dream interpretation, when someone finds themselves intently focusing on a blue thing in their dream, it means inner strength. A lot of people pray to God for strength to face the hurdles in their lives. When dream makes you focus intently on a blue object, it is often a reassurance that you are strong enough. It is also a revelation of your own personality trait. People who see blue things in their dreams are often very strong willed, principled people. They don’t have to worry about any changes in their surroundings since they are capable of facing them.

Strength in the face of a crisis doesn’t always mean strength to face it alone. Strength is also the ability to recognize a situation when it is outside of your capabilities and asking for help. Being able to admit your own weakness and proceed in a way that is not clouded by your ego is crucial to overcoming difficulties in life.

Blue symbolism in Biblical interpretations of dreams

The Bible encourages people to pay attention to their dreams. There are several instances in the Old Testament where ordinary people receive their higher calling through revelations in their dreams.

In the Bible, blue is the color of Mother Mary’s clothes. Mary is often depicted wearing robes and scarves of light blue shade.

In dream interpretation, this aspect of biblical blue symbolism is taken into account. When a woman sees blue in her dreams, it is often a sign that she is ready for parenthood. For anyone who believes in God, parenthood is a phase of life that involves both themselves and God in equal amounts. Blue tinted dreams is sing of approval from God about your decision to become a parent.

Lighter shades of blue are also the colors of peace and tranquility in Christianity and Judaism, along with white. Saints are often depicted in blue robes to indicate inner peace and spirituality. Christianity also has a deeper connection with the color blue, since water is an important symbol in baptism. Running clear blue water of Jordan over one’s head is believed to wash away all sins and toxic traits.

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